Carderock News Update 6-19-17

Greetings Carderock team, this is your Carderock News Update I'm your host, Larry Tarasek

Last week, NREIP Interns and members of the New Hire Bridge took a day trip to Naval Station Norfolk to "Meet the Fleet" Participants were able to tour some of the Navy's destroyers, aircraft carriers, cargo ships and submarines The visit is intended to give interns and new employees a first-hand look at the work Carderock is doing to enhance the fleet The next Branch Head Community of Interest meeting will be this Thursday Brian Tammaro, division head of the Corporate Business Office, will discuss the health assessment process, technical capability health assessment and knowledge stewardship assessment

Also, on Thursday, the 2017 Leadership Education and Development, or LEAD, cohort will be holding a brown bag to talk about their experiences so far Applications are being accepted now through July 20 for the FY2018 LEAD program There will be two more brown bags this week on Purchase Request Centralization to discuss the mandatory technical screening for material buys that goes into effect starting July 15 Are you looking to become a more effective communicator? Whether it's being more comfortable public speaking or working with your colleagues to enhance leadership skills, the Model Basin Toastmasters Club is for you The club is holding its next meeting on Wednesday

All Carderock personnel are welcome to attend For more great information on these events and others, check out the weekly issue of wavelets, which you can find on the intranet or iNFusion This has been your Carderock News Update Thanks for watching

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