Brush Lifts Stain While Brushing Finish

Brushing Finish

Typically when brushing a end your brush will carry a few of
the stain leaving lighter areas.

This will have occurred to you. It’s absolutely occurred to me. When
you’re brushing a end, the comb picks up a number of the stain
and lightens the wooden. It’s even worse when the comb picks up
a lot stain that it leaves streaks.

The primary answer to attempt is to let the stain dry longer. Oil
stains normally require drying in a single day in a heat room, longer
if the room isn’t heat. Water-based stains dry a lot faster,
however the drying can nonetheless be slowed by excessive humidity and chilly

If drying for an extended time doesn’t resolve the issue, it might
be that the stain simply doesn’t have sufficient binder in it to
totally glue the pigment to the wooden. So seal the stain within the
wooden by spraying the primary coat of end. In the event you don’t have a
spray gun, use an aerosol. Aerosols containing polyurethane and
water-based end are actually broadly accessible, along with
these containing lacquer and shellac.

As soon as the sealer coat has dried, you’ll be able to proceed brushing
with out disturbing the stain. In your subsequent challenge, think about
altering to a special model of stain.

— Bob Flexner


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