Bob Bowlsby: Big 12 is best conference in college football

The Big 12 has thrown its hat in the race for the “we are the
best conference in college football” olympics.

Conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby declared that the Big 12 is
the top conference in the game during the opening of Big 12
Media Days Monday in Texas.

This comes on the heels of Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher
saying that the ACC is the “premier” conference in college
 last week at ACC Media Days. Similarly, LSU
coach Ed Orgeron stated that the SEC is “the best conference in
the United States” at SEC Media Days. You can also bet your
life savings that you’ll hear the same when representatives
from the Big Ten and Pac-12 take the podium at their respective
media days in the near future.

To be frank, everyone has to say their conference is the best
even if that person may not really believe it. If they don’t,
it looks bad.

However, looking at it objectively, the Big 12 is in the mix
with the Pac-12 for fourth-best conference among the Power 5.
The Big 12 has seen a recent decline in NFL draft picks. The
American Athletic Conference (15) had more draftees than the
Big 12 (14) in 2017. The last national champion from the Big 12
was Texas in 2005. Since, the SEC has had eight champions. The
ACC (2) and Big Ten (1) have also had conference
representatives crowned, while the Pac-12 hasn’t had a national
champion since USC in 2004.

In reality, the “strength” of each conference fluctuates from
year to year based on a number of factors, including
recruiting, coaching and even an unlucky bounce here or
there. This means there will be some years one
conference looks like the best, but that could easily change
the following season. 
Each league has some elite
teams and some teams that are usually very bad. That’s how
things work in college football.

But most of this is irrelevant to conference commissioners
and coaches, who are paid to make their league look as good as

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local college teams
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If you say something enough times, people start to believe it.

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