Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger full of praise for Sydney FC, Wanderers after week-long tour

ARSENE Wenger has praised both Sydney FC and Western Sydney
Wanderers for playing “with heart”, but the Arsenal manager was
particularly impressed with the Wanderers’ intensity.

EPL giants outgun Wanderers

Arsenal wrapped up their week-long tour of Sydney with a 3-1
win over the Wanderers at ANZ Stadium, just two days after they
beat Sydney 2-0 at the same venue.

The Wanderers made it difficult for the English Premier League
giants and Wenger says Tony Popovic’s team looks “more

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger said the Sydney sides ‘defended with heart’.Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger said the Sydney sides
‘defended with heart’.

“It’s a bit similar to what we’ve seen against Sydney FC – they
defend with heart,” Wenger said.

“This team looks a bit more physical and bit more ready, a bit
more advanced physically than the opposition we had the other

“I felt that we did very well in the first half against an
opposition that made the game difficult for us – they left
always a little bit something in, they pushed us to go into the

Popovic was extremely pleased with his team’s performance,
especially considering the number of new players in his squad.
Roly Bonevacia made his Wanderers debut, along with Oriol Riera
and Chris Herd.

“This is our third week and I thought it was a very impressive
display by us considering there were so many new faces,”
Popovic said.

“I thought until they scored the first goal as a unit we
defended extremely well. There were a lot of pleasing signs
from our performance.”

Olivier Giroud is well marshalled by the Wanderers defence.Olivier Giroud is well marshalled by the Wanderers

While the Wanderers’ next match is against the Wellington
Phoeix in the FFA Cup, Arsenal are on their way to China for
the next leg of their pre-season tour.

But Wenger couldn’t leave without being quizzed on the futures
of Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

He confirmed Oxlade-Chamberlain would remain at Arsenal “no
matter what”, but wasn’t as definitive about where Giroud will
fit in.

In response to reports coming out of the UK that Sanchez has
extended his contract, Wenger said: “A lot that comes out of
Sanchez doesn’t look completely right. That’s not the case.”

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