Another Way to Drill Plumb Dog Holes


There are dozens of the way to drill canine holes that dead-nuts
plumb, and I’ve written about a lot of them over the last 17
years. My favorites use the fewest instruments and jiggery – not
everybody has a giant plunge router with huge bits or can
clamp a drill press to the benchtop.

This technique makes use of a 2&instances;four, a drill and a bit.

First it’s essential drill a plumb gap by way of the width of the
2&instances;four. When you don’t have a drill press, right here’s how: Mark a
centerline on each lengthy edges of your 2&instances;four. Mark the situation
for the doorway and exit gap on the two&instances;four. These marks ought to
be aligned. Drill by way of the two&instances;four. In case your entrance and exit
holes each hit the mark, the outlet is plumb.

Now clamp the two&instances;four on edge to your benchtop and use the plumb
holes as an outsized doweling jig to information your auger bit.
The size of the two&instances;four will can help you put holes wherever
you please on a benchtop.

Oh, and why ought to the holes in your benchtop be plumb?
All the things works higher. Your holdfasts will maintain
persistently. Your canine will grip the work extra tenaciously.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Chris is a contributing editor to Well-liked Woodworking
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