Adding a Hood on a Cradle

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Suppose you’re engaged on a undertaking like this William and
Mary-style cradle modeled on one from the late 17th Century.
How do you identify the width of the slats on the arched high
of the hood? You would possibly simply use your calibrated good eye and
get it fairly shut. If you realize the angle of the arc, you
may do some ciphering and determine it out. Or perhaps use some
trial and error to get slats of equal width.

For those who have been modeling it in SketchUp, it will be a easy
matter to kind them. On this video I confirmed one methodology that
leverages the way in which SketchUp makes use of straight line segments to
approximate curves.

This was performed nearly solely with native software. I did use the
Level at Middle software to establish the middle of and arc. This
comes from Ruby Script Examples which might be discovered within the
Extension Warehouse. In SketchUp 2016, the built-in inferencing
would do the job and Level at Middle wouldn’t be wanted.


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