A Real Contender: The Knew Concepts Coping Saw

I swore on a stack of “Mechanicks Workouts” that I’d cease
writing about coping saws. It’s not wholesome, and I do know that.

However at
Woodworking in America
final weekend in Pasadena, Calif., I
bumped into Lee Marshall from Knew Concepts. He was
holding an enormous pink noticed that was too huge to be a fretsaw.

Yup. Knew Ideas is making a coping noticed, and the instrument is simply
a couple of weeks away from being accessible to clients. At $149, it
is likely to be the costliest coping noticed in the marketplace. But when it
lives as much as its potential, it’d lastly be the coping noticed
I’ve all the time wished.

I purchased the noticed at full retail and spent a pair hours throughout
the weekend messing round with it between instructing and
attending courses. It weighs virtually nothing because of its
aluminum body. The blade-locking mechanism is simply what you’d
count on from Knew Ideas: It’s a cam lock, and you may alter
the strain utilizing a brass thumbscrew.

The noticed holds normal U.S. coping noticed blades (that are 6-1/eight”
lengthy, or within the 6” neighborhood) which have pins. Because of the
cam lock, it’s fairly simple to vary blades and quickly tighten
them up – no compressing the body in opposition to your bench or your
breastbone. Merely drop the pins into the noticed’s blade holders
and rotate the lever on the toe of the noticed.

Because of the extremely engineered body and the tensioning
mechanism, you will get the blades actually taut – it’s extra like
sawing with an unbendable wire than a floppy metal hotdog
(which is what’s typical of most saws).

And the coup de grace of the noticed is how one can rotate the
blade and lock it into a number of positions (there are eight, I
assume – the noticed is in my checked baggage). Regardless of how laborious I
tried, I couldn’t get the noticed to lose its setting. Not with
too-tight curves. Not with steady use.

As all the time with new instrument designs, I’ve a priority that solely
time will reply. How will this noticed maintain up after hours of use
and abuse? I may normally get a few yr of use out of an
Olson coping noticed earlier than it obtained ragged out and wouldn’t rigidity
the blade sufficiently or maintain a blade setting. How will the
Knew do?

I’ve excessive hopes. Lee Marshall, Brian Meek and the remainder of the
Knew crew are keen about their body noticed designs. I believe
they’ve the chops to lastly clear up the crappy coping noticed
disaster wherein we now dwell. I’m going to offer this noticed a
whuppin’, and I’ll undoubtedly report again.

— Christopher Schwarz

Ron Herman has all the pieces it’s good to find out about handsaws in
his DVD,
“Handsaws: Tune-up, Setup & More.”

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