A New Trick With Alcohol (Without Jail Time)


One of many Methods of the Commerce within the June 2015 situation of
Fashionable Woodworking Journal discusses how you need to use
denatured alcohol to cease crumbling finish grain whereas chopping
out dovetails.

The trick states it’s greatest for softwoods, which is the place you
see essentially the most crumbling.

As my college students are all the time fearful about this side of their
dovetails, I made a decision to provide it a attempt right this moment in some finger
joints I’m chopping by hand. After sawing and coping out the
waste, I soaked the top grain with alcohol, as per the
trick’s directions.

Then I chopped.

Notice that I used the identical chimpanzee to cut each joints. And
the chisel had been sharpened by mentioned chimpanzee.

After a number of joints in every – teetotaler and sodden – I
in contrast. I couldn’t see a lot distinction within the crumbling.
Each crumbled about the identical.

The alcohol-soaked joint was noticeably simpler to cut out,

The photograph above exhibits my typical outcomes. The alcohol-soaked
socket is the decrease one.

I’m working in Douglas fir, which is a softwood. However it’s
not a “mushy” softwood. I’ll attempt it once more in white pine and
see if the outcomes are the identical.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Christopher Schwarz

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Chris is a contributing editor to Fashionable Woodworking
Journal and the writer at Misplaced Artwork Press. He is a
hand-tool fanatic (although he makes use of energy instruments, too).

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