A Coopered Lid for a Steamer Trunk

A brand new woodworker is getting ready to construct a kind of
steamer-trunk-inspired chest with a curved lid. He was a bit
daunted by the thought of chopping the staves for the highest
and requested for some help. One possibility for working
out the bevel angle required could be to put out the cross
part full measurement. You’d draw the arc, divide it into the
variety of staves you need, and draw the seam traces between
them. You can elevate the bevel angles from the drawing utilizing a
sliding T-bevel. However learn how to precisely divide the arc by the
variety of staves?

One other good possibility is to attract it digitally utilizing SketchUp. You
can leverage the best way SketchUp represents curves with brief line
segments for this in a lot the identical method I did for the hood on
the previous cradle from a number of weeks again. Within the case of this
trunk, there’s to be 12 staves, so a default 12-sided arc drawn
with the 2-point Arc Instrument is ideal. And the Arc Instruments in
SketchUp routinely make all the segments the identical

On this video, I present how to attract the coopered prime for the
chest and learn how to discover the bevel angles for the staves. That is
all executed with the native instruments so there’s nothing to put in
earlier than you get began.

Steamer trunk


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