8 staging secrets that will help you sell your house fast


Staging a home can increase the sale price by an extra 7
percent and help it sell on average 100 days faster, so it's a
no-brainer to snag tips from top designers when it comes time
to put your home on the market.

Staging secrets that will help your home sell for more $

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Staging secrets that will help your home sell for more $

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But it can be tricky to pinpoint exactly what needs to be
changed and what can stay in your current abode. To help
streamline the process, Geoffrey Walsky of Iconic Modern
design, who works with Ryan Serhant of “Million Dollar Listing
New York,” stopped by with simple tips anyone can use.

1. De-stylize your space

Don't be specific to your unique tastes so that it's a vibe
that anyone might like.

2. Clear the clutter and organize

Where do the eyes go first? To the clutter. It's the simplest
and least expensive way to make your space look presentable.

3. Define the living spaces

Even if the space feels big, make sure it's being used in the
most productive way. Rather than leaving the spare room empty,
add a bed and a dresser to show that it works as a bedroom.

4. Light and bright always rules

The easiest, and most cost effective, way to make a space look
new is to throw on a fresh coat of paint. Stick to white or
neutral colors and the same goes for lighting — bright and
white toned lighting always works best.

Courtesy of Iconic Modern

The neutral furniture and fresh white walls make this room
bright and airy!

5. Edit, edit, edit

When it comes to furniture, less can often be more.

6. Make the ordinary extraordinary

Any space can be transformed into an amazing space
with the proper furnishings, art and accessories.

7. Modernize and contemporize

Today's buyers are looking for comfortable and new, so if your
home is older enhance it with modern furniture, art and

8. Pay attention to details

Little things like inexpensive, pre-packaged curtains and small
decorative objects like throw pillows and coffee table books
finish the space and bring it to the next level!

Courtesy of Iconic Modern

The details make this room look lived in, not staged!

Using these tips and around $1500 in new furniture and
rentals,Walsky spruced up this apartment with a few simple

In the living room, the designer brought in an area rug in a
light color to brighten the room. "One of the easiest ways to
change so much space is an area rug," Walsky said. "If you want
to lighten a room or hide or mask any problems with the
flooring, you put a rug over it."


It looks like a whole new room!

In the kitchen, he added a sleek, modern table to define the
space and make the room feel even larger. He opted for a white
design because "White feels and looks clean. It's also very


Adding brighter, white light can also change the appearance
of a room!

In the master bedroom, Walsky updated the lighting fixtures and
streamlined throw pillows for a modern look.


A few simple additions totally opened up the room!

Now that's a million-dollar transformation!

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